Thursday, June 23, 2011

Victims, survivors and mixed up plastics

Hello friends, have anyone good for lunch, bwahahaha?
This week we have a mixed bag, starting off with 3
victims from the Superfigs Civilian range, next is a 
Ral Parthaslave girl who would probably be part of 
a marauders harem. Next we have 3 survivors, 
the first two I think are Copplestone and the girl 
with the tank top is a Void fig? Joining our fresh
meat today are two mashed up Wargames Factory
zeds where I used parts from the zombie sprue 
and other parts from the ancient germans sprue. 
Their sizing is off a bit but if you  mangle them 
enough they dont look half bad.
Thats it for this week and don't forget to check 
Amazon kindle for some .99 cent zombie ebooks. 
They are great for gaming ideas and are often 
way better reads than the price would suggest.


  1. great job, i like what you did with the wargames factory zombies. how did you paint the skin i like that tone. keep it up

  2. I don't remember the skin for sure but probably a medium gray with a citadel black wash and maybe a highlight. They are darker than what I am doing now so it must have been in my experimental stage. I think what I said will get it, though. Thanks Mike!

  3. Babes with muscle! Holy shi...! Kind of scary...

  4. The slave chick looks the goods, good work, as do the others, but her more so.

  5. You've done the Wargames Factory Zeds really well. Nice one!

  6. Good work on the minis!!
    About Kindle zombie books, I'm reading some too in the kindle my girlfriend bought me for my birthday and I'm with you, some are really good.. :)

  7. They are all nice figures and all painted to your usual high standard, Roger. Excellent work, my friend. It's great to see you've got your mojo back!

  8. Thank you all for the nice comments. I hope you all get as much fun out of painting your zombies as I do.

    Special thanks Bryan for inspiring me to keep painting those zeds!

  9. I like the Void mini - it is from a militia pack... and now I need to find someone that sells it

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