Thursday, July 23, 2009

Painted Black Orc Zombies

I bought these guys for $1 a piece. They paint up
really nice and are a great bargain. I especially
like the first one pictured, in the bathrobe.
Thats a great fig. Unique subject matter and good
facial expression. The two doctors are really good
sculpts and painted up nicely. The tough guy is
rather indescript until you paint him up, then he
comes to life. The guy with the slightly large head
also looks up better painted. Lastly the young lady
has her hair hanging in her face and has a knife
behind her back in a skeletal hand.
These are a great deal and I still have a bunch
more to paint. A steal if you are looking to bulk
up your zombie horde.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The army grows!

I've been away for a while, busy with my commissions
and ebay but I managed to sneak a handful of nice things
in. Here they are in all their glory. Some stuff you may
have missed or passed up thats pretty good. When you
are aiming for an army of one thousand, no zed shall be
left behind.

7 zeds from Mega Minis, including 4 children. Great figs.
They have lots of them, too and very inexpensive.

These are zombies from Rezolution. They are some of my favorite.
I especially like the fat guy. The guy on the right is my first attempt
at undead african skin.

A repainted Horrorclix, I like much better this way.

Wyrd's monster baby makes a great zed.

I always pondered the idea of a boss zombie
like in the video games, you have bosses.
Maybe he started the plague. This guy is a Reaper
fantasy fig who is nuetral enough to look good in a
modern setting. I liked how his skin came out but
he has worms all over him. I hate worms so I painted
them black so they wouldnt show up too good!

My latest survivors, left to right, the Runaway from
Horrorclix, a Rafm fig and Billie from Hasslefree.
See you at the Zombie Apocalypse!