Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Copplestone SWAT Zombies

Two sets of these guys, I did some slight conversions 
to make the duplicateslook different.


  1. Zombies....now they have armour and guns too!!!

    Good work mate!

  2. I like your paint work and the conversions work well. If you used these in ATZ they would have to be Smart Zombies.

    I am embarrassed to say that I have yet to paint mine despite owning them for years!

  3. Nice flesh tones and I like the eyes on the 4th one in.

  4. Thanks guys, I had a good time working on these. I wish Mark would make more zombies.
    It was good practice for when I do my swat team.
    Now I know I can do my blacks to a level I like.
    If you play other games and use other types of figs, zombies are great for practicing on. If you screw up you can always add blood to cover it up. Also if you are assembling a huge hoarde you can use any color you want on their clothing, so you can use the zeds to work out a color scheme for something else. This is especially helpful for a commission painter.

  5. Bryan I have been reading a book series calling Living with the dead, they call them smarties in there. I dont know if they can use guns though. But they can rouse the shamblers to follow them.

  6. Josh Guess.


  7. Thanks, Roger. I'll check it out.