Thursday, June 9, 2011

Four A, Black Orc and Gary Hunt zombies

First off is a figure from a set of Four A zombies
(more to come soon), a Black Orc Games -
Zeek the one armed zombie(always more of these 
to come) and finally a set of 4 miniatures
from Gary Hunt miniatures. I hope he makes more
they are very cool. This post is a revised version
of one I had up. I tried to clean it up and
screwed it up even more so then I deleted it
sorry about your lost comments.


  1. Rog, great to see one of mine (Zeek) make an appearance! Good work on the zombies overall, too.

  2. Thanks Mikko, I like your zombies :) and thanks for the kind words.

  3. Hi Rog, great to see my zombies painted too, thanks for posting them on your site. I might use the image on my Facebook site if thats ok? cheers...Gary