Friday, July 6, 2012

Victory Force Zombie Cheerleaders

I'm back!!! At least tonight. Its been almost a year. A crazy year with no zombies and no fun :) But we got some real fun tonight. Zombie Cheerleaders!!! From Victory Force, a great set of 6 zombies. This is the first personal painting I have done in ages. I took the opportunity to experiment a bit. I used a fresher look to the zombies, skintones that are almost human. I also used the opportunity to work on my hair technique a bit. Because of the girls red uniforms, I went minimal on the blood. Just by using the skin color lightly the basecoat of black showed thru enough to give a bruised look. I really dont have much time for personal projects so I do these quickly. I try not to be sloppy but I do need quicker techniques than I would do for a client. I hope you like them. They are available for your horde from Victory Force Miniatures;