Sunday, November 25, 2012

Red Box Games Zombies Gather

My newest zeds. I liked the truly undead motion in these figures.
I did some experimenting on the skins and painting in general
using a lot of washes. I intentionally left them with dried blood.
Also painting them in various shades of decay as the horde 
would have a variety. I painted them all different to more
spread out thru the overall horde than to be a matching set.


  1. They look superb mate loving the selection of skin tones and you're right the poses are rather good.

    1. Thanks Brummie. I loved the poses on these. The sculpts are great, too. They add another zombie element to my horde, I hope they will make another set with a different type of walking problem ha.

  2. Wow they look fantastic, i love the guy hunched

  3. This is a great set of zombie figures. Awesome paintjobs as always, Roger.

  4. Well done!

    A really great group of zombies, a lot of character and you could easily imagine them shambling down the street towards you!!

  5. Thanks brothers of the undead. They are guys are fun to paint, had a blast!