Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black Orc Games Mini-Sculpt-Zombies!!!!

I found some zombies in the Black Orc Games Mini-Sculpt
section, which is a place sculptors can sell their product on
a commission basis.. The figs are only $1 each and for the price
are a very nice find. Most are sculpted by Darren Greenaway
but there are a few other sculptors work here, so they have
some variety in size, style, etc. Aside from a dead chap
with a big head I thought they were nicely done for
the price. The service was very fast and pleasant, including
a freebie and unexpected discount. Including postage, etc for
$20 I have 14 zombies now to bulk out the army. They have
a variety of other figs as well. Check it out, you may see
something you like;

Friday, June 12, 2009

My favorite zombie, Prof. Emcee Square

This is Professor Emcee Square, host of the Its Alive show.
He is a VIP and mover and shaker in the Pittsburgh area and
is a key person in the annual Zombie Walk. His show is
very well done although the movies are beyond ghastly,
guaranteed to put an insomniac to sleep! He shares the show
with an interesting cast of characters. You can see them on
the web at

Friday, June 5, 2009

The value of Horrorclix zombies

When I first started on my zombie project, I did it on the cheap
to make sure I really wanted to invest time and money into this.
So I researched it on TMP and came up with the Horrorclix line.
I found an online dealer selling horrorclix down as low as 25 cents
The figs are nice, creative sculpts and some are painted
fairly well, only needing touchups. Other required repainting.
They were also easy to pop off their bases and add to a
25mm round base. Horrorclix has great figs,
they also have a great variety of other horror figs
that spur ideas for great horror games.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beginning with scraps from the morgue....

Bloody good folks! Always ready for a good time!
I started out on the cheap by touching up, repainting and
basing prepainted plastics from D&D, Horrorclix and
anything I found laying around the mortuar--uh
I mean basement. This worked well to get me quickly
started with at least ten figs with a few hours work.
One of the keys for me was that I needed to be able
to crank out the zeds quickly and still have
them look good. Historically I have never
painted more than one zombie the same way.
I decided that this is a good thing!
Dead people need their identity as well!

Somehow they managed to
survive this far into
the zombie apocalypse.

Figs are Superfigs-cheerleader painted in my school colors ahem, the tough guy is a heroclix fig and the dark skinned girl is a Power Rangers plastic fig, found at a flea market by Momzomb. The reddish haired girl is an X-men Boomer fig converted to have modern normal attire. The only sculpting is the roll ups on her jeans. The rest was cutting off the super hero gear. They are just the newest of my survivors.
I have been collecting Hasslefree, Superfigs, Megaminis and others for years. Now I have something to do with them!