Thursday, June 9, 2011

A pleasant little conversion....

This is a pregnant zombie with her fetus scratching
his way out. I used The Black Orc Pregnant Native Girl
which was perfect for the job and did some converting.
I cut a hole into the stomach and then used green stuff
to model the babies face and hand bursting thru. The
sculpt didnt work too well but I got the idea across.
I'm sure many of you could come up with better results
if you want something really disgusting in your horde ;)

I just finished 32 zombies and have plenty more 
to show so I should have some stuff for you 
in the weeks to come. I do want to give a tutorial 
on how I do skin. Til next week remember to
always double tap!


  1. Roger, that is totally disgusting... but in a good way! I'm going to have to copy your idea some time. Good work on getting another 32 zeds painted. I look forward to seeing them.

  2. Great....yet yukky idea!

    Excellent for a zombie!!!

    Good work with the GS mate

  3. Thanks guys. I'm sure you both can sculpt a baby head better than I did, but still its a fun idea. I thought of one good idea that could have made this better. Using the hand of a very small miniature rather than sculpting it.

  4. Sick - but a great idea well executed. :)

  5. Thanks Zombie Ad. It is sick but it kept coming up in books and movies so I kept thinking I have to make one!

  6. sweet job, but as a father, i think its a little to much lol

  7. Yeah, its pretty far as you go, but certain individuals whom I shall not name egged me into posting it ha ha.

    I am a big fan of gore movies and hardcore zombies books, thats where I get such ideas. I am not sure how many gamers have read or seen some of the stuff I have. NOthings made me vomit yet...yet!

  8. You are a sick man....I like you!