Friday, June 5, 2009

The value of Horrorclix zombies

When I first started on my zombie project, I did it on the cheap
to make sure I really wanted to invest time and money into this.
So I researched it on TMP and came up with the Horrorclix line.
I found an online dealer selling horrorclix down as low as 25 cents
The figs are nice, creative sculpts and some are painted
fairly well, only needing touchups. Other required repainting.
They were also easy to pop off their bases and add to a
25mm round base. Horrorclix has great figs,
they also have a great variety of other horror figs
that spur ideas for great horror games.


  1. I totally agree that they are worth checking out. Some of them are fantastic sculpts, although the figures from the Nightmares expansion are a lot weaker-looking than those from the first three sets. What may put a lot of people off (but not me) are their size - these zeds run close to 35mm in height.

  2. The Reaper zombies are tall, too. I think however when the horde is big enough, the size differences will be good and add a rag taglook to the zombies. Overall the Horrorclix, unless you repeat them, will be a small but interesting part of the group.