Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black Orc Games Mini-Sculpt-Zombies!!!!

I found some zombies in the Black Orc Games Mini-Sculpt
section, which is a place sculptors can sell their product on
a commission basis.. The figs are only $1 each and for the price
are a very nice find. Most are sculpted by Darren Greenaway
but there are a few other sculptors work here, so they have
some variety in size, style, etc. Aside from a dead chap
with a big head I thought they were nicely done for
the price. The service was very fast and pleasant, including
a freebie and unexpected discount. Including postage, etc for
$20 I have 14 zombies now to bulk out the army. They have
a variety of other figs as well. Check it out, you may see
something you like;

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