Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back in black

Today our heroes are all dressed in black,
when I painted these black was everything,
even the X-men went to black. Of course
the Matrix had a heavy influence.
These are a variety of  figs and the 
Zeds are as well.


  1. Excellent group of figures and I think that I only recognise one !

  2. Nicely done dude they look great!

  3. They are all great looking figures, Roger. The only one that I don't recognise is the nun with a gun. By the way, black is always cool!

  4. Very nice looking set of heroes and zeds.

  5. As always these are great! My favorite has to be Rob Zombie!

  6. Thank you guys, appreciate you still coming here with the infrequent posts. Here we have a lot of Void Militia figures on the human side.
    The zeds are a lot of Zombiesmith and at least one Black Orc Games $1.50 figs.