Thursday, April 1, 2010

Studio miniatures zombies set 1

I did these for a client. They were very popular on facebook and other places so I thought I should share them here of all places. Its the first two sets including the extras. They are excellent sculpts and paint very well. They may very well be the best sculpts of zombies out there.


  1. Nice work on nice minis, always a pleasure to see!

  2. Welcome back, Roger! You have certainly picked an excellent range of figures to showcase here. In my opinion, these are, without doubt, the finest zombie miniatures on the market. Your paint jobs have really done them justice. The figure I like best out of these is the guy in the blue-checkered shirt, only because I know how hard it is to paint checkered shirts. You've done a first class job on him. I think your flesh tones are superb. Gore effects are generally good but a little bit too matt in places. We've discussed at length, the merits of using Tamiya Clear Red. Nevertheless, I'd be proud to have these minis in my own collection. I hope your client appreciated them.

  3. Thank you Mikko. I really enjoy your blog as well. Your figs look great, very nice blood work :). Vampifan and I have been discussing how to paint blood. Notice the improvement on set 2.

    Bryan, thanks again. I dont know if I told you or not but the guy in the checkered shirt is modeled very closely to the high school bully of my youth, lol. I could never forget that outfit, he wore it everyday, ha ha. Whether he was pissing on someones clothes in the locker or beating someone to a pulp, he always wore that same outfit. I see the apocalypse wasn't too good to him though. ;)

    Seriously I do plaid occasionally for customers but usually it doesn't come out this good. It's really tough on smaller figs, there's a point where you just need to crosshatch.