Thursday, April 1, 2010

Studio Miniatures set 2

Set two sadly has no chicken but it does have a lot of grisly
hamburger faced zeds and some very interesting ones. I especially like
the girl with the beret.


  1. Woo hoo! More Studio Miniatures goodness and more great paint jobs! I'll tell you what I like about these. You've come up with your own colour schemes for most of them. I copped out and just copied the paint schemes from the back of the boxes. I often find that the hardest part of painting non-military figures, like civilians and zombies, is coming up with a colour scheme. It's strange but it's true. Anyway, once again, thanks for posting these.

  2. Holy cow, those are nice looking!

  3. Thanks guys. Bryan, my client did want me to do the SM versions and I did in some cases but I found that the painter used a limited palette and I didn't want to overuse any certain color, especially when it is so much fun to paint these anyway. Plus that you go with what you know.