Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Zombie Freak

A most unusual fig from the Black Orc sculptors page.
I call him the zombie freak. He certainly isn't your
average zombie but thats okay. He can be an abberation,
a freak, something very different and much more
deadly than the common shambler or rager. Sure
hes funny looking but dont let that fool you, those
overlong arms and big teeth can finish you off
quicker than a horde of regular garden variety
zeds! I love these Black Orc open sculpt figures
and remember they are only a buck. I've earmarked
a few more figs they have for conversions. But that is
for another day. Today the zombie freak rules!


  1. Well, you've hit the nail on the head in describing him as "a most unusual figure," Rog. I love your paintjob for him but I'm not a big fan of this sculpt. He just looks... odd! Still as you say, he's only a dollar and he's certainly not the worst looking zombie on the market. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good analysis Vampifan, he certainly wouldn't fit into a traditional game. He think he could be a decent one off threat, though. The more I think about it he has ape like qualities-his face and overly long arms. He could be some kind of hybrid. Looking back I think if I did the eyes differently he may have been less comical. And always follow the golden rule-if you dont like the sculpt or how your painting came out, pile on the blood!