Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well I'm up to 73 painted zombies on my way to 1,000. Getting to
1,000 means you grab up every zed you see and some you don't!
They are nearby in your bits box or odd miniature drawer...

This lovely lady zed started out as a beautiful resin
Fenryll miniature. Somehow its legs got broken off, also
her hand as she was gripping the base. She was a perfect
choice for a zed. Her outfit wasn't too fantasy to fit in
to the modern world. She was about to acquire the infection!
After gluing her to a 25mm base, I added some
wood filler to her broken off limbs, let it dry.
At that point she was ready to be primed and painted.
She won't be the fastest zombie on the table but she'll look good.

This guy was a Horrorclix clone. I thought he would make
a good zombie but when he got here I found out he had no
mouth. Fortunately he is soft plastic so a conversion would
take seconds. I sliced out a mouth hole with an exacto blade
and since he was pretty clean I added a lot of wood filler to
him and made him a bloody mess as some of your zeds
should be!


  1. Excellent conversions, Rog! I do admire your goal to collect 1,000 zombies. I'm heading there myself with well over 200 painted zeds and about 50 unpainted. It's great that so many firms are making zombies nowadays but there is always room for more and conversions, like yours, are a great way to boost the numbers. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Vampifan, I always appreciate your encouragement. As I was stating on TMP, people will keep putting out zeds. Hopefully keeping me busy to the 1k mark. Besides if I ever do catch up, converting moderns or anything non descript is easy enough. If push comes to shove, I could always turn to GW's wide range of plastics and make hundfeds of conversions by mixing stuff. A good idea for people who have this stuff laying around. Having something gooey and easy to use like wood filler really helps add the gore as well, making converting even easier.