Thursday, July 23, 2009

Painted Black Orc Zombies

I bought these guys for $1 a piece. They paint up
really nice and are a great bargain. I especially
like the first one pictured, in the bathrobe.
Thats a great fig. Unique subject matter and good
facial expression. The two doctors are really good
sculpts and painted up nicely. The tough guy is
rather indescript until you paint him up, then he
comes to life. The guy with the slightly large head
also looks up better painted. Lastly the young lady
has her hair hanging in her face and has a knife
behind her back in a skeletal hand.
These are a great deal and I still have a bunch
more to paint. A steal if you are looking to bulk
up your zombie horde.


  1. Nice looking paint jobs. Looking at the bare metal pics at the Black Orc site I never would have guessed they could turn out so well.

  2. Thanks John. The one sculptor, Darren Greenaway, is very good, he did the doctors and many of the other figs. They are very high quality for $1. Some arent great but they are all worth a buck.