Finally some new zombies!

These are a mix of zombicide and other zombie minis I had. Mostly an experiment in the use of washes as a painting tool.

Mega minis closing up. Lots of zombies Its a shame my friend Johnny has to shutdown but this is an opportunity for zombie mini fans to get some great stuff before someone el;se buys the molds. Historically molds Johnny has sold the figs are being sold at 3-4x what Johnny sold them at. Zombies civilians

Zombicide update

I am very glad I got into the Zombicide season two kickstarter, they are almost up to a million bucks and add stretch goals everyday which is exciting to find in your mailbox!

Zombicide Kickstarter This looks like a great way to get into some zombie fun. I am signed up for the slot that has everything!

Black Cat Bases Fly Tipping Pile Scenery

Finally finished this excellent resin garbage dump from Black Cat Bases. Order here; This will be a part of the scenery I am building for my Post Apocalyptic settings for zombies and general PA.

Red Box Games Zombies Gather

My newest zeds. I liked the truly undead motion in these figures. I did some experimenting on the skins and painting in general using a lot of washes. I intentionally left them with dried blood. Also painting them in various shades of decay as the horde  would have a variety. I painted them all different to more spread out thru the overall horde than to be a matching set.